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We help securely migrate Stripe products and subscriptions from one account to another.

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We have helped large and small businesses painlessly migrate Stripe accounts to help them complete acquisitions or relocate from one country to another. Using our white glove service and our automation tools, we've successfully migrated tens of thousands of subscriptions. Get in touch with us, we'd be happy to help you.

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How The Migration Works

We are here to assist you with this transfer from start-to-finish and beyond. Starting with a consultation meeting to coordinate the plan, answer your questions, and throughly understand your set up we will help ensure the process is smooth and painless.

Consultation throughout the process

We help with the initial planning, the set up, audits, automation, and testing.

Automated Stripe Migration

Our automation tools are built to move tens of thousands of Products and Subscriptions in a short period of time. We have helped companies with complex needs to move their accounts, plans, products, prices, and subscriptions in a single process in a matter of hours.

We log all of our activity so that there is a trail to follow afterwards. In addition to the automated process, we hand check much of the work as it happens to ensure no mistakes are made. We care about your business!

We do our best to make this process as reliable and simple as possible for you and your team.

Request Stripe Support to transfer Customers and Cards

The timing of this step is important, so please get in touch with us to help coordinate this. Your request will be handled by Stripe on their timeline, so we will want to be prepared prior to this request being made.

Grant us access to both Stripe Accounts

Our automation tools will need developer access tokens, and access to both account Dashboards, in order to complete the transfer. This can be coordinated in such a way that our access to your Stripe Accounts is both approperiately limited in scope and duration.

Stripe Customer Support will transfer your customer's information from Account A to Account B.

Transfer Customers and Payment Information

Customers and their Credit Cards (or other payment methods) must transferred by Stripe Customer Support on their timeline.

Stripe Customer Support will not transfer Subscriptions, Products, or Coupons between Accounts. That is what we do.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our timeline PDF. Depending on where you are in the process of setting up your new Stripe account, requesting Stripe to move your customers and payment methods (which is now automated), and finally transferring the products and subscriptions can take a few days or a few weeks. We do everything we can to make this process go quickly while causing no interuptions to cashflow. Our automated process of moving the subscriptions happens on the same day they are initiated and "downtime" for your app can be completely avoided or minimized to just a few hours. Downtime for billing your customers will be zero.

The cost of transferring Stripe accounts depends on the complexity of your use; the number of customers, plans, products and prices, your backend software, trial periods, etc. With a small amount of information from you, we can give you an accurate estimate. Estimates are free.

It would be a good idea to have started the process of creating the new Stripe account (if applicable). We walk you through the rest of the process step-by-step from our very first call. The entire process is transparent to you as progress is made. We will help you be well prepared.

Most common problems can be avoided with good preparation. Common problems we've seen others make include webhooks calling the previous Stripe account, Products, Prices and Plans being improperly set up, and trials not being handled properly. All of which can lead to an interuption in cashflow. Our process helps to mitigate as many risks of problems happening during the process as possible.

Download Timeline

Stripe Account Transfer Timeline

No doubt, you have questions. How long does a transfer take? What steps are involved?

In this short timeline, we attempt to provide you with a typical timeline for transferring Stripe accounts, customer data, subscriptions, and products.

A timeline of migrating a Stripe account


We Make Customers Happy

We initially reached out to Colin just to gauge whether it would be worthwhile paying for someone to help with our migration, which we thought was going to be a straight-forward task given the small size of the SaaS we acquired. Unfortunately, Stripe had already migrated the customer data without much notice, so we were caught off guard and this meant we were panicking a little. One phone call and a few messages later, Colin was on top of the whole thing and adapted to the specific requirements of our migration without a single hesitation, resulting in an incredibly stress-free process overall. I would not hesitate to work with Colin again in the future.

Aleks B.

Owner, Barkers

I feel so good how you treat customers, my god, it is really good to be understood.



A+ all around for the service from Colin and Stripe Transfer. They have taken a complicated and painful process and simplified it perfectly. Had I tried to do this on my own, it would have taken a long time and lots of mistakes, which could potentially affect my business. Colin was extremely responsive, knew exactly what I needed and turned things around in a short amount of time, meaning my business could keep running and start collecting our revenue in the right places. Well done, and thank you!

Stephanie Hayes

Owner, Hayes Business Holdings

When I first realized that migrating between two Stripe accounts was more complex than imagined, I was concerned for my business sale. The transfer was across countries with thousands of subscriptions and various pricing points with both monthly and annual plans. Stripe Transfer however, was not phased, and carefully mapped out a solution and executed the transition flawlessly. The cost of this service was money well spent. A+ recommend to anyone in need of such a service.

Alex Moss

Owner, Tactical Arbitrage

​Working with Stripe Transfer and Colin Devroe was the best decision I could make when I had to move my subscribers from one Stripe account to another. Thank you very much for your help with this. It was a lot less painful than I thought it would be and not very time consuming. A few emails to coordinate after our first video call, a few emails back and forth with Stripe and we were done. If you want to transfer your subscribers from one account to another, use Stripe Transfer.


Digital newsletter publisher

Stripe Transfer made our international business acquisition absolutely seamless. All of our subscriptions transferred perfectly, and our new customers felt no impact from the transition. Great work!


President, PitchBear

Colin's expertise and dedication in helping us transfer our Stripe accounts were exceptional. He brought his extensive knowledge of Stripe to bear and not only guided us through each step with professionalism but also customized the process to fit our company's needs. His hands-on support during multiple calls throughout the process ensured a seamless transition, giving us confidence that everything was thoroughly tested and functional.

Alan Cheuk

Founder CTO, 7Sage

Colin at Stripe Transfer migrated a customers large set of Stripe subscriptions into a new account for us. He saved pain, trial, error and cost. I’d recommend his service to anyone faced with this challenge.

Mark Collister

Director, The Fold

Great experience working with Colin. We had a migration that needed to be done on a very short timeframe and he got it all nailed well before our deadline and more importantly with very little work required on our end. What we had originally expected to be a fiddly, manual process was made super simple with Colin's help!

Brendon Tully

The Search Engine Shop

Stripe Transfer's service was simply superb. They gave me confidence during a very stressful process, that of transferring subscriptions from one account to another.

Just a couple of things that they caught straight away (that I had personally missed) saved me a lot of money and a lot of trouble.

10/10 would recommend.

Alex West

Owner, CyberLeads

Acquiring FishRanger in Australia was a multi-year legal and technical process. Transferring Stripe Subscriptions for thousands of accounts was done in a single day thanks to Stripe Transfer.

Chris Fullilove

CEO & Founder, RipCharts

Working with Colin and the team was a seamless experience. Their expertise made the migration process both efficient and stress-free.

Edvin M

CEO, 99 Dollar Social

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